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2008 January
The Pioneering Stage
  • The headquarter established in Nankang Ind. Park, Nantou Taiwan which with total area of 6,600 square meters.
  • Taipei branch established
2009 March
Market Expansion
  • Third adhesive coating machine installed.
  • Taichung branch established.
  • The first sales branch in Dongguan, Guangdong to promote products in China market.
  • Regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) & Energy Saving System installed.
  • ISO9001 certification received.
2010 June
Factory Expansion
  • Second factory established in Nantou which with area of 4,950 square meters.Releasing coating machine installed.
2011 April
Second Expansion
  • Third factory established in Nantou which with area about 3,300 square meters. The dust-free factory installed for electronic tapes machine. The total area of factory is 14,850 square meters.
2013 February
The Dust-free Production Line
  • The dust-free factory operated for mass production.
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