Yi Hao precision Co.,Ltd. has established in 2008 which is a professional adhesive coating manufacture and installed the dust-free factory in 2011.

The products have been used widely, such as photoelectric, communication ,printing ,motor ,public consuming and industrially etc. Combination of professional talent, advanced technology and innovative strategies for effective integration of the industry to develop all materials needed, also improving the needs from the clients and the convenience of the process to meet the demands for customized products, moreover, strengthen international competitiveness to control industry for the changing generations.

In this changing competitive environment,
Yi Hao since its inception,
has been uphold the "Three Policy"-Responsibility, Innovation, Sharing,
and in pursuit of one of “High Quality”.
Regardless of material properties or processing are able to provide the best solutions.
Final by its professional service attitude to create the win-win situation with clients.




High Quality

Green Environmental Protection

In the promotion of technology products at the same time,
Yi Hao also reflected on issues of environmental pollution,
so in 2009, the industry’s first Regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) & Energy Saving System had been installed.
The removal rate of total hydrocarbons(THC) for 99% and for 95% heat recovery.
It can reduce carbon emissions and air pollution.
By the combustion of toluene solvent recycling method to recycle heat energy and reduce pollution of heavy oil.
Yi Hao will continually promote the green policy in the very near future.

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